Feature Films
Short Films
Title Role Director Production
Africa: The Great Civilization Mansa Musa Tom Brass Jellyfish Pictures and Nutopia Productions
Star Wars: Episode VIII Officer Of The Resistance Rian Johnson Lucas Film Ltd
Listening with Frontiersman Saman Mark Donne Brass Moustache Films Ltd
A Moving Image The Preacher Shola Amoo A Moving Image Productions
Genesis Lam Freddie Hutton-Mills/ Bart Ruspoli Next Level Films
G.O.D.TECH Amos David Jeffery Blacklight Enterprises
A Thousand Dreams Detective Lemin Nantha Thurai
The Roman Traveller Simon Rawson Son of Raw Productions
Tarzan The Untamed Kuba David Yates Warner Bros
Edge of Tomorrow Mercer Doug Liman Warner Bros
Uncovering Illusions Patrick Emerson Pinheiro Atalaia Films
Marriage Balla Katherine Curtis Inventome Productions
Nudity Required Dick Allan J Rafferty Phoenix Productions
Columbo & The Alchemist Detective Frank Walter Papetti Multi Films
Living The Dream Paramedic Adam Auty
The Immigrant Adventures Mafia Boss Jerzy Prochownik JP Films
Belle 2013 Alaudah Eqiano Amma Asante Headgear Films
Pelicans Mourner John Jenkinson RawHide Films
Powers Jermane Allan James Rafferty
Miracle Grow Security Guard Emma Kinni Miracle Grow Pictures
This Day Ayo Maison Shonubi Amayzin Productions
Soap Becca's Boyfriend Peter Fellows Mechanical Tiger Productions
The Culture Shock Kidnapper / Guard Steve Balderson Hollywood - Dikenga Films
Spiritual Contact The Movie Kelly's Husband Emerson Pinheiro Atalia Films
To The End of The Road Police Officer Gibson Chimuzinga GMC Pictures
The Roundabout Bouncer Dan Wilson Skinned Productions
The Triangle Ode Tawanda Musonza
The Funeral Clown (Uncle Bello) Junior N
Title Role Director Production
Out of Sight Foley Vigor Dore Forestier Black
The Economist Mandela/ Fighter Andreas Ohman Acne Production
Safina Sutay Tony Clarke Soul Rebel Films
Game of Kings Foot Soldier Hamish Jenkinson Irresistible Films
Dancing With Delilah Eric Eze Oriaku Genesis Pictures
The Bench Sarje Benjay Murphy Abbey Productions
Kronosis Matthew David Jeffery Blacklight Enterprises
Slapping of A Pregnant Woman Dante Ged Luxto Tim Benfield Production
Outline Kevin David Jeffery Blacklight Enterprises
Piranha Banker Elcid Asaei Crimson Black
Cubism Marcus Paul Kaaya Julia Rockwell Productions
Back To Afro Lin Victor Edozie Evon Productions
Akeldama 2nd Assasin Monika Memari
Delorion Quirky Professional Shola Amoo Fresh E Production
The Witness Tom Josef Obasi and Dale
On The Bell Boxing Champion Roger Vybes
Punching Above your Weight Boxer Uri Stramer
Cold Blood General, Spiritual and Deadly Walter Papetti Eagles Films
The Shot Greg/ Friend Paride Ernesto Odierno Jessops Short Film
Trading Models Rob Reza John Vedadi Barr Pictures
Snakeness Rapper Patricia Saltara
The Intersexx Harper Matthew Latham
Title Role Director Production
Hamlet Polonius Nick Pelas Stage Theatre Company
Midsummer Nights Dream Puck Lesley Ewen IDSA/Omnibus Theatre
The Last Days of Judas Escariot Satan Lesley Ewen IDSA/The Courtyard Theatre
Not Waving but Drowning Actor, Singer Alex Zapak
Good Black Men and Good Black Women One Man Standing Lorna Blackman Big People's Theatre
Migration Stories Everton Bailey Paula David CMA Productions
Edem Musical Ben Walker Yakes Last Laugh Theatre
Title Role Director Production
Lawless (SKY TV Movie) Krioman Jon Jones 2020 Pruductions
Grassroots Kwamay Luke Flanagan Artists In Motion
Lau Chen (TV Comedy) Husband Kevin Emajamite Eat My Rainbow Production
Tesco Bank Job Contributor Peter Ashcroft Media Zoo
Morgan Spulock's New Britannia Frenchman Sky Atlantic
Kit Kat Battles Interviewee Catherine Courtney-Diggins NBC Uinversal Pictures
Budweiser & England FA Fan, Lead Speaking role FA Cup Games on ESPN, Sky, ITV
Crime Series Innocent Criminal Paul Cornwell Objective Production, Channel 4
Shock Tactics Comforter Kelly Martin Objective Productions, Channel 4
Signed by Katie Price Judge on Model Finals Jordan (Katie Price) Living TV
Diagnosis Live From Clinic TV Commentator on Health and Fitness Rachel Arundel Channel 4
The Vanessa Show Sofa Surfer Vanessa Feltz Channel 5
Havana Show The Superstar's Main Man BET TV USA & UK